I started designing websites in 2008 first by learning HTML which is the basic langage of the web. I then went on to CSS followed by Javascript. I taught myself, first of all with books and then online web courses.

I really enjoyed the challenge and after a while I started to dabble in backend programming with databases and languages like PHP, C# and Python. I use PHP for most of my backend programming as I think it is the most versatile for web construction.


I Have completed many courses in Web developpement in French and English alike check out my LINKEDIN profile for a list of certificates I have received via online learning.

I also have completed many courses with UDEMY and other course providers and will be updating my skills again this month with a course with WooSpeak. I participate in online programming competitions to keep my skills fresh and up to date.

Past Times

Aside from family commitments I spend most of my free time programming and reading. I like to meet friends and work with the church on the website as well as studying the bible.

I have 5 children, 1 Tortoise and a Chicken and currently looking after my daughters fish. I have lived in France for 7 years and enjoy the freedom it affords my children with respect to being bilingual and the coutryside being outside our front door.